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It has come to my attention ....

... that not enough people have experienced Patriotic Beefcake Calico.

Link here.  You'll thank me.

Okay, maybe spoiler-y

Theory about DW S9E01 and E02Collapse )

In other news, I have done my last performance review 'til November.  I am greatly relieved.

The sun is shining, and I am home at a reasonable hour.  I intend to take a walk and then do some un-f*ing of my habitat.  


You know how they say, "A painting is never finished.  It just stops in an interesting place"?

Well, a Whofic story I think I got the idea for in 2007 is about done.  It's only 600 words, if that.

I guess I worked on it for a few hours every year or so.  And today I thought, "No, it's done.  Done enough."


I found out last night that someone in my circle of friends in college has died, of a heart attack.

She was always in ill-health - she had been diabetic from the age of 3, and I'm told had had two kidney transplants - but any such death is always a shock.

I didn't know her well, and we hadn't kept in touch:  the last time I saw her was probably around graduation.  I'm not sure she would have remembered my name:  I couldn't remember her surname.

I guess I'm feeling guilty because, out of touch as I was, and not very well acquainted, my first reaction was, "Oh.  Huh."

I think for many of our friends, this is the first time that a contemporary known to us has died of natural causes.  I lost a high school friend to AIDS, many years ago, but that has receded into the past.  It's strange to realize that we are all people of an age to have heart attacks now.

I volunteered to call F. and let him know.  He and she had some kind of romantic history, back when they were students.  He was much more openly upset.  He thanked me several times for making sure he knew.

She was an ardent champion of animal welfare, and the obituary suggested that we donate to our local animal shelter or the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation in lieu of flowers, so that's what I'll do.

I feel as if I ought to have a more overtly emotional reaction.  Yet, it would be wrong to call me unaffected.  


My, it's been a little while, hasn't it?

Things are OK.  I will post something soon.


Recent visit to Toronto, part 1: the TSA

This is what happens when you try to bring 3 cannisters of grits into Canada*:
Cross-border grits carnageCollapse )

*Apparently grits are just not something they eat in Canada.  They are hard to get hold of.  My host said she'd asked people to bring grits before, and they had, but this was the first time this had happened.


The Bill Murray Prayer

This comes from S. It is his most faithful prayer.

The Bill Murray Prayer

I take comfort in the knowledge Bill Murray is out there somewhere.

We can’t know where or what he’ll do next:  fund an archeological dig, attend the wedding of a millionaire celebrity, or just crash somebody’s dorm party.

But even money says he’s having a good time.  And, most likely, making the lives of ordinary people better by just being there…and being Bill Murray.

Chances are, he’ll never magically appear to drag me off on an alcohol soaked adventure no one else will ever believe.  But it could happen, and it would be pretty sweet if it did.



Where I was yesterday evening

Watching this.  Amazing, worthwhile, totally appropriate for the day.


Well, that's that

The guy I wasn't dating but who was so excited about being friends no longer even responds to friendly emails.

I guess I was only of interest so long as I was a potential sexual partner.  Nothing that goes on in my head is worth his time.

I wish this didn't keep happening.