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I was reading a ten-year-old issue of Movieline that I found when emptying a box in my office. (It had David Duchovny on the cover, which is probably why I kept it.)

It doesn't hold up. Maybe nothing that ephemeral can. Even the cover story, with Duchovny's reflections on The X-Files and Return To Me and his recent marriage, suffered from the transitory nature of the medium. The show is over, the movie gone, his marriage may or may not have survived (I haven't kept up.) None of his thoughts on these are likely to retain resonance.

I did learn, though, that The Ugly Truth, recently released to general disdain, has been around in potential for a long time. A brief paragraph in one of the many scuttlebutt pages described the title and premise and said that Ben Affleck and Gwyneth Paltrow were considering it.