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I've fallen into the habit of not leaving comments on fic if I can't leave a detailed, insightful one.

I think this is because I've read of people complaining of 3 or 4-word comments, and others stating that the only proper comment is a detailed, multi-paragraph one that shows appropriate analysis and reflection.  I like those, too.  I like those, best.  But I frequently don't have the energy for that, particularly on a weekday night, and thus have been reading without commenting at all.

So I think I will go back to leaving brief comments if I can't summon the wherewithal to leave a detailed one.  As an author, I like any acknowledgment that someone liked a story, so I can't help feeling that most other authors would prefer that to no comment at all. 


Jun. 28th, 2009 11:24 pm (UTC)
I read so much fic that I don't leave comments on, because I feel like I have nothing different to contribute.

Yeah; it's worse when there've been a lot of good, insightful comments from other people, because it leaves you with nothing but "What they all said!" or an inadequate-seeming "I liked it!"