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I've fallen into the habit of not leaving comments on fic if I can't leave a detailed, insightful one.

I think this is because I've read of people complaining of 3 or 4-word comments, and others stating that the only proper comment is a detailed, multi-paragraph one that shows appropriate analysis and reflection.  I like those, too.  I like those, best.  But I frequently don't have the energy for that, particularly on a weekday night, and thus have been reading without commenting at all.

So I think I will go back to leaving brief comments if I can't summon the wherewithal to leave a detailed one.  As an author, I like any acknowledgment that someone liked a story, so I can't help feeling that most other authors would prefer that to no comment at all. 


Jun. 27th, 2009 10:53 pm (UTC)
Not that I write with any kind of frequency these days, and yeah, I love my more substantial comments when I do write, but I'd rather someone leave a brief "that was awesome!" comment to let me know they read and enjoyed my story rather than feeling obligated to leave me something pithy and thus leaving me nothing at all. I think a lot of writers would probably agree. So, hear! hear! on your resolution!