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I'm in love

I'm in love with TheFind.com. If you want something, and you can describe it, and you're willing to look through a thousand pictures to find it, here's where you'll find it.

I went looking for sterling silver cabochon rings and discovered so many vendors and saw so much jewelry ... it was educational! Plus, they let you refine the search by price, and filter the (major) vendors, include eBay or not, show places that have discounts available ... it's a fantastic aggregation site, that looks at little, Mom-and-Pop vendors as well as the major ones. If you've ever wanted to find, say, a piece of jewelry, of which you have a very specific idea, it's a great way to spend a couple of hours and see what's available out there. The brilliant thing is that you don't have to click and hit Back a million times: good pictures from all the sites are represented, you-choose-how-many per page, exactly as if they were all from the same site. It's much, much smarter than those circa 2002 aggregation sites.

TheFind.com also keeps a record of your past searches, of things that you liked enough to click through to the original site for, and has an option to look specifically at green vendors.

I'm looking to find a bracelet that looks like one I saw in the Winterthur catalog (no longer published) about ten years ago, and, regrettably, didn't buy. If I can't find one to match, I'll visit Etsy.com, look for a vendor who does something similar, and ask them for a quote on a custom piece.