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4th Time Around

Managed to bugger up my left ear last week. I can't quite hear right. I can't get in to see my regular doctor until August 7, so I'm planning to go to an Urgent Care place. I'm just waiting for the sunscreen to absorb.

Having a messed-up ear is extremely disconcerting in subtle ways. The blank in my senses creates a blank in my concept of space. I want to sit down and write, but it's making me twitchy. I had a lot of trouble writing Chapter 7 of Heritage, and I think sensory distortion had something to do with that, with the clumsiness of my thoughts and words, my difficulty concentrating and visualizing.

Obtained some David Tennant footage, purely for research purposes, of course. I watched a few minutes of "People Like Us", and was struck by his resemblance in appearance and manner to Topher Grace, of all people. Same haircut (approximately), same pale, delicate features, same unhappy mouth, tightening slightly with distress or apprehension.
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