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Discovered today that a band I remember from University, The Nivens, not only weren't a one-term wonder, but were actually big in France in the late 80s/early 90s. Listening to them after all these years, I'm struck by how much they sound like late-period Byrds. I hadn't discovered the Byrds when I heard the Nivens for the first time.

They had an incredibly catchy song called "Sarah Jane", supposedly about an American student one of them was in love with. I was hoping I'd find it on their MySpace page, on Last.fm, or on their own website, but not so far. (I actually have this on vinyl, but it is, of course, on vinyl.)

You're walking forward into dangers unknown, darling
I'm lying prostrate in the sun;
If I don't see you again
I hope you make it home ...

I've always lived with a broken dream,
I can't explain;
Sarah Jane!

You can guess what it makes me think of now. :) But it is actually a song I have a great nostalgic fondness for.