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I'm weeks and weeks behind on Doctor Who, and I've been trying to stay unspoiled, so I've had to skip more and more LiveJournal posts. This is only going to get worse, now that the season finale is here. I've already been partly spoiled through a Teaspoon summary, of all things.

Feeling restless and bored. I wrote some more on "Heritage", but got to a stuck point and stopped.

I have to work tomorrow--well, semi-volunteered, in that my boss appeared before me, said "Are you working Sunday?" and I said "I can if you want me to." We're rolling out a new release of software, and I normally have nothing to do with that, but I was made to feel like it was slightly bad form to skive off while others were sweating over their keyboards.

So I don't know if I'll actually be given any work. But I have design documents to write, which I've been putting off, so I'll be able to find something to do. If it wasn't that I don't want to leave any trace of fanfiction on my work computer, I'd bring "Heritage" or one of my other stories and work on it there. (Actually, I could probably bring my elderly laptop, and work on fiction on that. Hmm.)