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Scenes from Provincial Life

I cannot better this report from fellow Cincinnatian Steve Bennett, on ICV2:

Another reason I enjoy living in Cincinnati is we have our very own superhero team: the Allegiance of Heroes. On the 27th on their 11pm newscast our local NBC affiliate ran a heavily promoted piece (which began with the voiceover "after Heroes…" so clearly they were targeting a specific audience) on how they patrol the streets, fighting crime and helping the homeless. Oddly none of them were identified except for Shadow Hare (proof that all the good superhero names really have been taken), a man in black who seems to have modeled his heroic persona on a combination of Spawn and the rabbit from Donnie Darko.

The piece was about as respectful as possible given the subject (at one point Shadow Hare hands his card to a police officer who completely breaks up) and I certainly don't plan to make fun of these men and women or their work. On the other hand, while they've undoubtedly done their best when it comes to their homemade outfits, they could definitely use some help. Perhaps members of America's cosplay community could help them spiff up their look. 

The original TV report is here:  http://www.wlwt.com/news/19305002/detail.html