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I bought the wrong yarn. Apparently that variety comes in two weights, and I bought the wrong one. Worse, I don't think they had the other one on display.

So the yarn goes back to the store, and I resort to mail order. Bother. I was all revved up to start my new project, too.


Mar. 22nd, 2009 03:20 am (UTC)
This is why I don't do crafts. I NEVER buy exactly what I intend to buy.

The hard part is finding what you need in the first place. There was another yarn that was listed as a possibility for my sweater project, and the store had fluorescent colors and pure white in it, and maybe 3 balls of each. Nothing I could use and not nearly enough, anyway. I'm starting to think that online shopping may be the best way for yarn.

When I lived in England, there were yarn shops about every three streets. Every shopping district had a yarn shop. And they were open all of normal store hours, including in the evening. American yarn shops, other than the big chain stores like Michael's and Hobby Lobby, are short-lived, hard to find, and tend to be open hours like 10-4 M-Th and 11-2 on Saturday. (Maybe knitting with really good yarn tends to be done by women who don't work during the week. It's possible.)