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Happiness, Day 24

Today was very much a mixed bag. The day part was pretty decent. I got some work done, and wound up working on one of my own projects in the afternoon, where I had fun and also got a lot done.

Tonight I was browsing the journal of someone I'd seen post interesting things in other people's journals, and found that she'd lost two cats within a month of each other in 2007. It was very sudden and very sad -- the cats suffered, and she grieved greatly -- and it affected me rather much.

I dosed my own cat a bit after that, which requires holding him on my lap and stroking him for ten or fifteen minutes while he purrs and the fluid drips in, and decided that my situation, even with the lingering illness, is better than losing a cat suddenly. I've grieved some and will grieve more, I'm sure, but for now I have my kitty, and I never take him for granted for more than a couple of hours at a time.

So for now that's what I'm happy about: that I have him now, and he's happy to be here. And, based on the progression of his disease, I'll likely have warning when it's time for him to go, and have a chance to say a final goodbye.

(Not a cluster of cheerful thoughts, I'll grant you, but today was more a day for reflective gratitude than great bursts of happiness.)