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Happiness, Day 20

I'm happy that it was a beautiful, warm day today.  Admittedly, I was inside the whole time, at work, but it was nice to pass through on my way there and back.

I'm happy that despite waking up before 5 with a sinus headache, I had a nice happy sleep until later in the morning.  I dreamed my sister was a pelican.  She likes to interpret dreams:  I'll sic that one on her. 

I'm happy that my cat was perfectly, utterly cooperative today, hunkering down on my lap for fluids and even adjusting his footing several times to make sure he didn't slip off.  He stayed put for a full 150 ml, and purred the whole time!   I petted him and praised him and told him what a good cat he was.  There's no getting an idea in or out of a cat's head, as a general rule, but maybe some association between sitting still and lavish petting will sink in. 

Did I mention this a few days ago?  I'm happy that his red blood cell count has rebounded almost completely, much faster than the vet thought it would.  We're down to just one shot a week. 



Mar. 18th, 2009 12:56 am (UTC)
Wow, good news about your kitty.

Yes, it's wonderful news. He's so much more active now! And the immune system reaction I was afraid of has not materialized. Hopefully it will stay away.

The pelican dream makes me think of that fairy tale where everyone keeps turning into swans. :D

I am baffled by the pelican, I confess.