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Happiness, Day 17 (belated)

Yesterday I was happy that I woke early (though I stayed in bed until the alarm went off) and got to work early.  This meant that I was completely out of energy by 4:30, which was something of a problem.  But it was very satisfying to be there early.  Also, I was pleased that when I stepped on the scale yesterday morning, my weight had dropped.  I had been a bit afraid it was going up. 

In the not-entirely-pleasant category, I suspect (from the enormous pool of water) that my bathtub is leaking.  Somehow.  It could be spray ricocheting out from behind the shower curtain, but I was pretty careful, arranging the curtain carefully, tilting the showerhead down.  It seemed too much water to be accounted for by spray.  There was so much, I had to mop it up, as it was trying to get out the door! 

The tub doesn't appear cracked, so I suppose if there's a leak it's either in the wall or somewhere around the drain.  The test for a leak vs. shower spray would seem to be to run water into the tub, just from the faucet, with an open drain, and watch the floor.  I'll be trying that.