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Happiness, Day 11

Every day of Lent, I've undertaken to post something that makes me happy.

I'm happy that today was a beautiful, clear, warm day. (77 degrees Farenheit!) I had a long, soothing sleep (and had a dream in which I was Rose). And Daylight Savings Time starts tomorrow!

I'm glad I've found an online source for knitting patterns that, one, has decent patterns, and, two, shows pictures of all the patterns in a pattern book. There are a lot of boring sweater and inexplicable accessory patterns out there, and most online retailers will only show a picture of a book and maybe one or two styles.

I'm also happy I was looking through a pattern book showing groups of three related sweater patterns, and one set was captioned "Currer", "Ellis", and "Acton". What percent of readers do you suppose they thought would get that? (Another set was "Porthos", "Athos", and "Aramis".)