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Happy cat news

Took the furry boy down to the vet today. We're starting him on Epogen tonight, for his low red blood cell count. He gets it three times a week. It's injected just under the skin, which is easy to do with a cat. He didn't seem to even notice he was getting a shot!

Some good news: he's gone from 7.4 pounds back up to 7.8. That's still low, but a promising sign. The appetite stimulants seem to make him uncomfortable in some way, to judge from his meowing and restlessness when he's given them, but there's no denying that he eats more with them. Wasting is one problem cats with kidney problems have, perhaps in part because the kidney-supportive diet is low-protein, so a weight gain is a very good sign.

Other than the stimulant-related discomfort, he seems a happy kitty. He's still cooperating with fluids, still purring heavily when petted, still viewing every encounter as a chance for cuddling, still blissing out when his ears are rubbed. I'm so glad.



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Jan. 16th, 2009 12:59 am (UTC)
That's excellent. He sounds like he's happy and comfortable, and that's what matters. He's lucky to have you.
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