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Cat update, part 2

The cat is still in the hospital. According to the vet, he's acting very healthy, eating all his food (hooray!), paying a lot of attention to the people around him, and being "very vocal". (On a previous stay they nicknamed him "the loud cat".) However, his numbers are still quite high -- better than when he was admitted, but not nearly as good as she'd have liked to see. It's apparently a bit paradoxical: with these numbers, he shouldn't be feeling as good as he apparently is. So he's staying another two days, to see if we get any additional improvement from further treatment.

I keep looking around for him, expecting to hear a mew or the quiet sound of cat feet on carpet. I keep thinking, "Have I fed him?" or "Fluids!" and he's not here. I keep stepping carefully in the kitchen, thinking he'll be underfoot. This is the first time he's been hospitalized over a weekend, so I'm really aware of his absence.

I suppose I can (should?) infer bad things from his numbers staying up despite treatment. Perhaps we're approaching the point where treatment no longer helps. But he's happy, from what she says. He's still enjoying life. As long as he's experiencing more joy than pain, I'll keep going.



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Dec. 14th, 2008 03:31 am (UTC)
*hugs* and *scritches for the kitty*
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