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The Fender Blender

While investigating terminology for blender parts (as part of a story! Wow!) I encountered the concept of the Bike Blender. As the Juice Peddler website says:

There is no official history of the bicycle blender. Wikipedia has yet to post information on this topic, and we are not in an authoritative position to speak about the broad history of the bike blender. As such make no claim to have invented the bike blender, but we do claim to have perfected the technology surrounding bicycle powered blenders, and beyond. Some of our inspirations came from Humbolt State University's CCAT, and their human power prototypes. A picture of their bike blender which appeared in Utne Reader in 2001 was influential in our design process.

Early collaboration with the non-profit Worldbike was instrumental in the generation of our vision of creating jobs out of bikes in both the developing world and in developed countries. We felt that the bike blender has broad appeal, regardless of the state of development of an economy, and could be a source of livlihood for entrepreneurial individuals.

A bike blender powered by me could probably not even scramble an egg, but the concept is impressive.