NP-Complete (np_complete) wrote,

Well, that was unexpected

I don't think I agree with any of this characterization of myself.  But it must mean something to score above 99% on all four of those.

Your Score: Hegel

You scored 61 realism, 55 rationalism, 38 materialism, and 44 atomism!

Your philosopher is Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (August 27, 1770 - November 14, 1831), a German philosopher born in Stuttgart, W?berg, in present-day southwest Germany. Hegel's thought represents the summit of 19th Century Germany's movement of philosophical idealism. It would come to have a profound impact on many future philosophical schools such as Existentialism, as well as the historical materialism of Karl Marx. Like Hegel, you believe that there is an underlying reality, w would-force or world-spirit, that is moving us inevitably forward. You believe that we are all swept up in the movement of this force as it struggles toward self-realization. Politically, you believe that absolute freedom is possible when the will of the individual merges with the will of the state. You seek, in other words, the union of the particular with the universal. In your day to day life, what this means is that you see each event, each coincidence, as evidence of a larger whole.

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