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Update (me and cat)

Been sick all weekend -- not sick enough to be comatose, but sick enough that I get tired when I try to do anything very physical. I've spent a lot of time lying down and then getting bored and restless. I talked on the phone a lot.

I think I will go in to work tomorrow, unless they tell me to stay home and not infect people. I'd rather not infect people, but I don't like working from home and know from experience I'll only do about three-quarters of the hours I should. And I don't feel sick enough to actually call in sick and do nothing.

The cat has been getting restless when being dosed -- he gets up and tries to hop off my lap, sometimes as early as the 50 ml mark (a full dose is 150 ml). I had to dose him three different times on Friday to get enough fluid in him. I don't know what has changed, but something has. He's been using his claws to get my attention, too. He wants my attention all the time, even jumping up on the vanity when I'm brushing my teeth. This is not unprecedented -- he was like this as a kitten -- but it is somewhat new.

The vet and I talked at length last week and decided to test his red blood cell count at the beginning of December, to see whether by any chance it had rebounded (as sometimes happens some time after IV fluid treatment) and if we could skip or postpone the erythropoietin. I don't think he's showing signs of weakness, which is what severe anemia leads to. He spends most of his time sleeping -- but he always did, as far as I remember. He still hops up on my desk and onto the bed easily, so he seems to be able to leap and jump when he wants to. He certainly doesn't seem feeble.



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Nov. 24th, 2008 03:15 am (UTC)
I hope the RBC count shows good improvement, and I hope you feel better soon too!
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