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Cooked yesterday. (This is rare.) I made a pasta sauce from Everyday Cooking With Dr. Dean Ornish, a cookbook that promised not-very-complicated low-fat vegetarian dishes. The result is more of a tomato-mushroom-Boca Burger stew than a pasta sauce, and I think it would benefit from more garlic and possibly some fennel, but it's tasty. Dr. Ornish is adamant about using no added fat, but I don't think a bit of olive oil to soften the onion would do any harm.

Later in the week I have black bean enchiladas planned, if I'm not still making my way through the pasta sauce. I am endeavouring to ease my way into some basic cooking and wean myself off my dependence on fast food, takeout, and frozen meals. My calculations show that I saved a mortifyingly large amount of money last month by tapering off restaurant meals; I'm hoping to get some rather better food (than the frozen) and save even more by doing my own cooking.

I actually know how to cook (vegetarian food, anyway) and used to be quite good at it. I burned out on it when I went through a depressive patch when I was about 26. I haven't done much since.



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Nov. 12th, 2008 02:34 am (UTC)
A leeeeetle olive oil won't hurt. Isn't that the good fat anyway?

I know exactly what you mean about saving money by not eating out ... it's distressing.
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