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Hanging in there

I messed up my winning streak by sleeping most of Sunday and therefore not doing any of the things I'd hoped to get done (like grocery shopping.)  End result was that I skipped dance class on Monday because I was exhausted, and was late for work today.  And I still have no food, and need to pay a bunch of bills and submit a bunch of forms, and lots of other things I'd like to make happen, won't happen.

I do have to drive 20 miles tonight and feed someone's cat, for reasons not worth getting into.  if I'd gone to dance class yesterday I'd have been in the neighborhood, but I wasn't, so I have to do it tonight.

But I am looking at this as a series of obstacles and pitfalls and trying not to let it derail my mood and my progress.  You know how they say "Take heart!"  I am trying to "keep heart".  Whatever that means.

Things I am working on:

- Eating better
- Sleeping earlier
- Going to a little extra trouble to put things away, etc.
- Keeping to a routine in the morning so I am not tempted to fall back asleep.