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Some good news

It turns out that Regional Carpet Vendor does indeed do this kind of work:  they have an arm that provides services to apartment complexes, where pet stains come up as a problem all the time.  They provided a quote, which Johnny the retail salesman passed on to me.

The estimate for stripping the carpet and padding and treating the sub-floor is going to be between $300 and $500.  That's less than I feared.  The higher price will be if they have to move some heavy stuff (my treadmill, which requires two people to move) and cart off and dispose of the damaged carpet.  We don't have a dumpster here.

I am hoping that the final price may be even less since Jack really confined his attentions to one area of the carpet.  The rest looks fine (to me, anyway, but I don't have a cat's nose.)  But of course I don't know what brand, variety, or shade-name that carpet was, so matching it could be hard.  Still, Regional Carpet Vendor is the big name in non-discount carpet in this area, so it's very possible they provided it in the first place.