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"Oreo" is a cat I'd like to adopt.

Before I adopt Oreo, I need to get the spare room de-catted, as it fell victim to Jack's out-of-the-box thinking some time ago.  I had the room carpet-cleaned, and he did it again several times before I caught him.  So he's been banned from the room for some time, and that stretch of carpet needs to be out-and-out replaced, plus the carpet padding, plus (possibly) the sub-floor, depending on whether it started to rot.

It also needs to be painted with Kilz, which is apparently the standard for dealing with pet odors and similar, since I've read and heard about it several times.

The challenge is actually getting it done, since it's more work than I can manage.

I contacted a service I've worked with that finds contractors about doing all the above (which I had read about on the web) and the CEO, Lisa, said that they'd had another client who'd done the same thing and it hadn't worked.  She didn't want me to waste my money.

She said I should instead call the dominant carpet vendor in our area, who had done what sounded, to be frank, like exactly the same thing, to her house, and it had fixed her problems with her dogs and the carpet.

So, I visited the local branch of Regional Carpet Vendor.

I got a seasoned carpet salesperson, Johnny, who knew exactly what I was talking about, told me I needed to do pretty much what the internet had told me to do but Lisa had said not to, and said that the company didn't do what she'd said they had done for her.

But he'd only been working at this particular company for two years:  maybe he could find out something from the main office.  He was pretty sure they didn't do that kind of remediation and replacement:  they just installed carpet.  But maybe they had a contractor they could recommend.

This was on Saturday.  He promised to call me on Monday.  He called me on Tuesday to tell me he hadn't heard back from the main branch and swore he'd call me again and do whatever it took to give me an answer.  So I hope to hear from him today (Thursday).

ETA:  since the obvious next step would be to contact Lisa and ask for the name of her contact, I just sent her an email.  We shall see what happens.

Meanwhile, Oreo waits.



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Oct. 2nd, 2014 07:22 pm (UTC)
Urgh, similar issues make me want to have no carpeting at all. (Toeffe misses the box slightly, with some regularity; I've since put chair mats under all the litterboxes, so now it's easy to clean up, but I didn't realize what was happening for some time, because the carpet was soaking it up. Ugh.)

Oct. 2nd, 2014 11:54 pm (UTC)
That was one advantage of a light-colored carpet: it was pretty clear pretty fast what was happening, at least once I went in that room and took a good look. It was harder to tell that it was happening AGAIN.

I really hope this takes care of the problem with that room for good and all. Once I have two litter boxes to clean I'll have to be twice as diligent.
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