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Can't sleep ...

... but saw the essay title, "The Perils of Hurrying", and thought, "Why rush to make myself sleep?  It's Friday night!  I can afford to to be sleepy tomorrow!"

The obvious choice of alternate activity would be to watch the Doctor Who episode that I have not yet watched this week, but I'm not in the right mood.

I am reading a Jane Austen fanfiction I paid actual money to get from Amazon (via Kindle) and am disappointed with how OOC and charmless everybody is.  I usually quite like this author, so I wonder if this was her first attempt.

I sometimes think that authors who succeed on their first attempt at publication sometimes don't know what was so good about their first effort.  So when they attempt to do it again, they miss.  (Just woolgathering here; not thinking of anybody you would know.)  I think that's one reason fanfiction can be a good apprenticeship.

It isn't feeling like Fall yet, but don't tell the leaves that.  They're busy changing color.