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You should be dancing (Yeah!)

You probably have to have been 14 in a specific two or three year span to even remember Andy Gibb, but that was the chorus of one of his songs.  I wasn't even a fan, but my friend Sharon was.

I come, not to speak of Andy Gibb, but to report that a) I should be cleaning, and b) I need to brush Sheddy McSheddington tonight.  Too much fur in the air.

I really wanted to report that I have been singing "Everybody get brushed tonight!" to the tune of "Everybody get down tonight!"

I have tons of work that I'm not going to do tonight.  My project lead has decreed that we will all work in our special conference room "for the sake of communication & coordination".  I don't want to, precisely because of that communication:  the other two get into strange, pointless little bantering arguments that take up time and distract me.

I need silence when I work, or at least not have conversations going on around me.  Plus today I got what I think was a painless migraine.  Suddenly the noise was overwhelming and everything around me looked like things down the road do on a baking hot day.

I am tired, but I have to clean, and, as mentioned, everybody's getting brushed tonight.


Get brushed tonight!
Get brushed tonight!
Brush a little fur,
Give a little purr,
Get brushed tonight!



Jun. 18th, 2014 01:15 am (UTC)
I have an undercoat brush for Jack (a "furminator") and it removes about an extra kitten's worth of fur. It's amazing.

What do you suppose Penny's secret is? Does she sneak out to a salon?