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More things happen

My water heater sprung a leak and flooded my laundry room. I had to pay $894 to get a new one and have it installed.

I met the new lady downstairs - who seems lively, young, interesting - and established that I did not cause any damage to her ceiling. However, at the time I met her (later in the day on Flood Thursday) she had no power. Last I heard, the reason had not been established. Hopefully it isn't because of water damage, although my homeowner's insurance would take care of that.

My car dealership wants to charge me about $800 for a "60,000 mile service" and new, $18-each spark plugs. I have my doubts about that whole business. It's not scheduled until Tuesday, so I have a little time to think it over and look about for alternatives.

I also think I probably need new tires.

Miss the friend I thought I had in the Whovian, but eyeing the saddle of the horse that threw me and considering getting back on.