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Not that it matters, but I put my finger on what is angering about Amanda Palmer weighing in on the accusations against Woody Allen.

It's not that she wasn't asked her opinion: she probably was. I think I saw her quoting someone who asked her how to feel, what to think, about Allen. She advised separating the art from the artist.

So here's the thing: if you disbelieve Dylan Farrow's story, there's no need to separate artist from art: Allen did nothing wrong (at least in that instance). If you do believe it, but choose to follow Allen's art despite that, even if you are claiming that this doesn't express approval or support of Allen, you are ignoring Dylan Farrow's own wishes. She's made it pretty clear she wants you to remember what he has done when you consider his art.

So "enjoy the art, condemn the artist" is ignoring the wishes of someone you profess to believe, and is, in fact, having it both ways. Because the only difference between that and what you were doing before is the disclaimer you now have to make, that you disapprove of him.

And people usually enjoy disapproving of things, which is one reason reality television is so talked about. So: enjoy the art, condemn the artist, congratulate yourself on your fine sense of moral distinctions.