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A random thought about Mary Morstan

When John is about to propose to her, she teases him by saying she's the best thing that could have happened to him.

I don't think that's just teasing. I think she's telling the truth: things could have happened to him that were bad, but his falling in love with Mary precluded them from happening.

I wonder what they were.

But that's as far as my thoughts can go, before they become lost in the tangle that is what we know, or think we're supposed to believe, about "Mary Morstan". I think we're supposed to like her, to believe that she's a good person at heart, to believe that John loves her despite all he could have learned about her past, that she loves John: see that Sherlock sees her as a fact of the new reality rather than someone to be excised from John's life.

I think she was conceived of and presented as a female Jason Bourne: very very good at what she does and unwilling to do it anymore. But the degree of coincidence all this requires is very, very high. Somewhere, an Infinite Improbability Generator is operating.



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Jan. 26th, 2014 02:56 pm (UTC)
The debate over Mary is one of the most fascinating things, and I wish that I could understand if they intended it that way or not. Like, White Collar is literally doing the same exact storyline right now (only the assassin doesn't shoot the best friend because it would hurt the guy she's in love with <--literal quote from the show) and it is just *so* *clear* that we the audience are supposed to disapprove of the assassin. So it's fascinating to me that Sherlock *seems* to want to set it up to be the opposite. And at the same time I'm like, "...You had her shoot the protagonist of the show, and I'm supposed to be on *her* side?" It's a weird way for them to go about getting me to like her.

And then I think all the time that the show this series is basically Sherlock himself, coming back after a long hiatus and getting us to love it again, which puts us into the position of John Watson, so maybe I'm so incredibly confused about Mary because *John* is incredibly confused about Mary right now. I don't know.

I *do* know that the reinterpretation of the "best thing that ever happened to you" line is one of my favorite parts about Mary turning out to be evil (in my interpretation).
Jan. 26th, 2014 04:48 pm (UTC)
I like your thought on this. It makes excellent sense. Because I do believe she loves John and John loves her, and Sherlock has no doubts that Mary's love is sincere, even if nothing else is.
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