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Reaction to "His Last Vow"

I was spoiled so minimally and yet so significantly that Mrs. Hudson's past and Janine being in the bedroom were the only plot twists that truly surprised me. I was a bit surprised when John so efficiently broke into the drug den and worked over Billy Wiggins, but was only slightly surprised that Sherlock was there too. (Bit of a coincidence, unless he wanted to be found.)

If it's canon that Sherlock - our Sherlock - had a drug problem in the past, and it certainly looked that way with Mycroft getting Anderson and his friend to search the flat, taking a dose of heroin and then being on morphine would seem to be a great way to get the habit restarted. I hope Moffat and Gatiss are not going to make the Sherlock they humanized so superhuman that he can overcome a resurgent drug addiction through force of will.

Since they gave Mary a real name, though we weren't told what it was, I wonder if it will appear in Season 4.

I have received the impression that some people feel as betrayed as John did that Mary was (if Magnussen was telling the truth) an assassin and black ops specialist - was the Black Widow, basically. And yet, she planned to spend her life as Mrs. John Watson. There's no suggestion that she was exploiting him for his proximity to Sherlock: Sherlock was supposed to be dead!

If John unconsciously picked Mary for her dangerous qualities, she very likely did the same. They're a short, plain, jumper-wearing version of the assassin couple in "Mr. and Mrs. Smith".

Sherlock liked Mary, esteemed Mary, trusted Mary to look after John : I think she's okay.

I quite liked Janine, thought that she and Sherlock had chemistry. While I certainly don't ship them, I think, as she said, they could have been friends. And I think Sherlock was struck by that, that someone as normative as Janine still saw enough in the real him to like that she would have wanted to have been his friend.

I do have a bit of trouble with Mary shooting Sherlock, although it led to a great showpiece sequence (interesting that Molly is now one of his inner voices). But I *guess* it makes sense: she knew John would be there, didn't want him finding out, didn't want him being arrested: shooting Sherlock put him, the witness, out of action long enough to buy her a bit of time. There weren't a lot of other ways to shut him up quickly.

(Moral of the story: when you are conducting an assault, wear a face mask. Sherlock might have recognized her from the back (although I would expect her stance and body language as Mary are quite different from her stance as the Black Widow) but he might not have. Exposing her face to Magnussen was just stupid.)

Even though Mary shooting Sherlock kept Sherlock from being suspected in the assault on Magnussen, I'm not clear on how Janine found out that Sherlock had seduced her (metaphorically) in order to gain access to Magnussen. It could have passed as a coincidence that they arrived while another assault was going on, as, now that I think about it, it actually was. Only John's presence would have needed explanation, since Sherlock had flashed an engagement ring at Janine to account for his own. I have to conclude that Magnussen told her.

I didn't quite catch what Magnussen had done to Janine, but I gather it was very offensive and added to Sherlock's feeling that Magnussen should die. I kind of hope that she eventually learns that Sherlock was the one who killed Magnussen, and that it was in part (a small part) because of what he'd done to her.

While what Sherlock did to Janine was certainly ... not very nice, it's very canonical: the original Sherlock Holmes had quite a way with gullible housemaids. I'm glad that the 21st century equivalent gets a chance to say what she thinks about the technique, gets something out of it (all that money), and gets a chance to exact revenge (messing with his morphine.)

She wasn't in love with him: she says that she would have refused his ring. All in all, she seemed to have a minimum of hard feelings about it. (Which supports the idea that she knew what kind of man her boss was. She didn't seem that surprised that someone would assault him - that more than one party would want to assault him.)

It did take me aback that Sherlock drugged everybody. And Billy Wiggins is a strange addition to the family, although I've read that there's precedent for him in canon.

I don't see why Mycroft or anyone else made such a huge fuss that Sherlock killed Magnussen. They didn't want him to do it, but once it was done, why not just slap him on the wrist? He's useful, he's trustworthy in a very broad sense, and Mycroft wants him alive. Why send him to what they expected would be his death? The fact that he transgressed against the bonds of brotherhood and put such a sensitive laptop in harm's way is a lot more serious. (And Sherlock would have known about the GPS and Mycroft's coming after it. I would have expected him, in fact, to use a dummy laptop. I would further have suspected that Mycroft wouldn't have brought a real laptop to his parents' house!)

I'm glad Moriarty is back, or seems to be: it seemed a shame to do away with such a major villain in the second series!

Pursuant to the juxtaposition of Moriarty and Magnussen: I suppose Magnussen thought he couldn't be killed because people would expect that "Appledore" and all their secrets would be found. Yet the end has Magnussen standing alone with two dangerous men, with no security, having just revealed that he has no failsafe. He should have expected them to hurt him.

So that makes me wonder if he *does* have a failsafe, whether floods of compromising information will flood the airwaves now that he's dead. It seems a very "him" thing to do: ruin everybody he tortured as a final, unstoppable step to show that their cooperation with him only bought them time, not safety.

Does anyone know what the post-credit twist was supposed to be? My copy ended with someone in period clothing nearly being stabbed by a dagger, which hardly seems related to Sherlock, the show.



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Jan. 19th, 2014 02:31 pm (UTC)
Jan. 19th, 2014 02:43 pm (UTC)
More of him?
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Jan. 19th, 2014 03:08 pm (UTC)
I've expanded my comments, by the way. I found I had more to say about Janine.
Jan. 19th, 2014 03:13 pm (UTC)
It just occurred to me to wonder how Molly will react to "Jim" being back! Poor Molly!
Jan. 19th, 2014 07:36 pm (UTC)
I worry about her much less than I used to. She seems to have grown up while Sherlock was playing dead.
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