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Overheard near the cash registers at B&N:  "All these blank books are blank in exactly the same way!  They're ... empty!"

I found out the large B&N on my way home that I'd been assuming for the last two years was shut, is in fact not shut.  This is nice to know.

Walked the aisles with the usual mixture of envy and pleasure.  Pleasure because books!  Envy because I haven't written one.

Discovered that Harpers & Queen, the English magazine that used to bill itself as "for the smart insider", has become Harper's Bazaar UK.  I read this in an old Telegraph article from 2005:

Harpers & Queen is changing its name in a bid to shake off its It-girl image, the magazine's publisher has announced.
The rebranding is part of a plan to ditch the magazine's high society image and turn it into a fashion glossy.

I'm mourning a little. Admittedly I wasn't a faithful reader (I only ever bought one issue, in 1986) but I enjoyed the "high society image" and its absurdity. It's always interesting to learn what a segment of society imagines it sees when it looks in the mirror.

The Tatler was available, but I didn't buy it. It seemed a bit like being stuck at a restaurant table next to eight or ten lively people who are celebrating and just whooping away.


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Nov. 14th, 2013 11:56 pm (UTC)
I have a passion for bookstores. They have such a different vibe than libraries, since all of those books could come home at any minute to live with me. I remember the joy of working at Waldenbooks in a pre-Amazon world. I could look up any book I wanted and order it and it would come, and I'd get my employee discount and my employer would yet again get back the bulk of my paycheck. Brilliant times, that.
Nov. 17th, 2013 04:56 pm (UTC)
I love bookstores, too. I'm glad to have learned that the big B&N is still open. I expect to spend many hours there.

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