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Sleep all day. Got up at 7:30 pm. Not sure what I'm going to do tonight, whether it's physically possible for me to sleep again (although I don't feel quite awake, either.) If I stay up all night, I'll do some paperwork and probably go to an all night grocery store. I don't have anything sweet in the house except for a bag of Quadratini. I want some sorbet.

I feel the need for human contact. (The only contact I had all day was someone calling from work to make sure I was all right.) I'll probably start phoning people in a little bit.

The cat is getting restless again while being dosed with fluid. (I need a verb for this.) He still purrs mightily, but he doesn't want to rest on my lap anymore. He wants to climb up my shoulder with his feet still on my lap, hold on with his claws, and have his back stroked like a sleeping baby. (Imagine this accompanied by thunderous purring.) It may be possible to combine this with fluids as long as the back stroke is left out. As it is, each time he's tried this (twice so far) the needle has been dislodged. So two points to the cat.

I'm thinking of giving up on the apartment search and staying where I am. I've been offered a discount on the new lease so it's only $30 more a month than I'm currently paying, and they threw in professional carpet cleaning. I was hoping to save money by moving, but most places big enough to interest me cost as much as this place does and have higher heating bills. Also there is the question of how long I could stay. Even the house I liked best (the one in the bad neighborhood) is going to go up for sale in two years, so I might have to move then. Here at least I know I can stay indefinitely.

Am I imagining it, or is there less fic being posted to time_and_chips?



Oct. 25th, 2008 06:23 pm (UTC)
Although I can imagine if he's like my kitty, he's loving all the attention.

He likes the stroking and cuddling that comes with fluid-ing, but he'd rather be someplace else when it comes time for pills. Still, we're making it work.

What brought T&C together was post-Doomsday grief, but now you don't know whether you're dealing with a 10.5/R shipper, a diehard original Ten shipper, or a saucy three-in-a-bed type.

Yes. I joined at the end of 2006, so nobody knew what was going to happen next and there were pages and pages of fic every night. Nowadays there'll be maybe a page of new stuff, but it's mostly from people I've never heard of.

If Rose is never mentioned again on the show (which wouldn't surprise me at all) I expect the comm will keep on going with some diehard Nine and AU and 10.5 writers, but dwindle down to a couple of posts a week.