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What to do with this evening

I have a lot of stuff to do for work, but am considering just slothing it tonight.  Read something of earlgreytea68's from cover to cover. Or maybe watch the premieres of Elementary and S.H.I.E.L.D.

I'd like to do some writing, but lately when I've sat down at the computer I've found myself so distracted and tired that nothing came out.  It's been the sort of thing where you blink at the computer, see a sequence of words that makes no sense and sort of peters out, and think, "what did I mean by that?"

(The same thing happens to me with the spoken word.  I tend to lose nouns when I'm tired.)

Of course, now I'm only a little tired, and have a fresh mug of Tealuxe Irish Breakfast, so that might not happen.   I guess part of me feels that it's neither self-indulgent or constructive enough to spend time on.

I could set a timer, I suppose.  Give myself half an hour to write.  That's sort of how the author of The Now Habit recommends doing it.  (Whatever one is avoiding, not necessarily writing.)

Incidentally, I don't procrastinate at work.  I only do at home, and I think it's because there's a limit to how hard I can work at anything.  I think I can do one project that includes work on weeknights, one project that happens on weekends, and hold down a job, and that's it.  Right now the weeknight project is studying for a technical certification exam (I'm about 20% through the material, so I'm planning on taking the exam in December).  The weekend project is ... well, everything else in life.  The job is the job.

Setting a timer.