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Up early

I woke up at 4:59, having had a dream laying out a step-by-step path for me to resurrect and finish a computer project from thirteen years ago.

So naturally I had to get up for the day. One minute before 5 am:  my unconscious isn't usually this tidy.

Today I have a service person coming at 9:30 to clean my water-softening unit.  The tank has a number of smears and trails of scummy black gunk near the bottom.  The person I spoke to on the phone thinks this is likely due to contaminated salt, but, whatever it is, I don't want it in my water.

I could clean it myself - that's commonly done - except that I'd have to empty the tank first, and it's too heavy for me to lift.  If I had a drain in the floor, I could tip it over, but I don't.  I can't scoop the salt out, either, because my arms aren't long enough.

So:  strong, masculine person with equipment has been booked.  This will cost me about $125.  But at least I'll get some advice about what the gunk is and if it's something I need to worry more about than just where I got contaminated salt.

Maybe my water will taste better, too.

I'm WFH this morning, because of course someone needs to be here to let him/them in and pay them afterward.  I plan to log in at 7 am.  It'll be almost lunch time by the time I get to work after this, or at least I'll have done about 4 hours of work.