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Heritage request

I want to get back into writing Heritage, but I'm out of practice. I had a very busy June and July, an unproductive August, and then the cat got sick in September. So it's been a little while.

To help me get back in the swing of things, I'd like to do some short John and Penny bits. Has anybody got anything in the Heritage universe that they'd like to see? I won't write things that can't have happened by where we are in the story timeline (so, for example, I won't write Penny meeting Rose), but I'd be open to other suggestions.



Nov. 27th, 2008 04:17 pm (UTC)
Hi, I loved your story, and am one of the folks who recently found it, but it was just from looking at a "favorite story" list of LJG's on the Teaspoon site. I am excited that you're going to continue to write "Heritage". From all the comments you've received (with great ideas for little story bits) I see I'm not the only one who is delighted about you picking up your virtual pen again.

The thing that popped into my mind is that maybe Penny had already left a message for Penny's brother's girlfriend about places to stay/eat in Paris, and Soraya could call back and reach Penny soon after she stops crying. Or maybe Penny's brother could call. But then this is more continuing with the story instead of writing a missing scene.

Hope you and your cat feel better soon. Oh, and my name at Teaspoon is ARoseByAnotherName, in case you're wondering.