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The Hockey Song (Hit Somebody)

I bought Warren Zevon's second-to-last album on a whim (he died a few years ago) and heard "The Hockey Song" for the first time.

Not the Canadian song by "Stompin' Tom" Connor (although I'm sure the name is not a coincidence) but the tale of a hapless small-town Saskatchewan dreamer who "wasn't that good with a puck" but was told, "There'll always be room for a goon."

I don't know much about hockey, but the song has stayed with me.

There were Swedes to the left of him, Russians to the right,
A Czech at the blue line, looking for a fight:
"Brains over brawn"; that might work for you ....
But what's a Canadian farm boy to do?
What else can a farm boy from Canada do?

David Letterman does guest vocals on the CD, but in this clip it's Paul Schafer.