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Lent - Day Twenty-Three

I got through a meeting I was a little afraid of, yesterday.  And it turned out that when they moved our "war room" they moved all our stuff, including my box of teabags and the power cable for my work laptop.  (In case you're wondering, I plug into a docking station at my desk.)

I got the house a little more clean.  That was good, too.  And I discovered that the library books I didn't have a chance to return could be renewed an additional time, saving me some fines.

I also made what were supposed to be low-carb lemon squares.  They were more like lemon/egg-daubed almond pastry, so rich with butter that the pastry base boiled more than it browned in my oven.  Add some cinnamon and brown sugar and it could have been coffee cake filling.  But at least I used up two elderly Meyer lemons.