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Lent - Day Two

This was not a happy day, because I dropped off while taking "a moment" before getting ready for work, et al, and missed my therapy appointment.  I hate when I do that.

I rolled in guilt like it was new grass and then told myself to get a grip, it's not like I'd committed vehicular homicide.  I called, left a message explaining, apologized, and got ready to write a check for my no-show fee.

So now I am back to feeling happy, if a little put out that I have to go to bed already when I'm in no wise sleepy.  What I am happy for:

  • It was Valentine's Day and I really am grateful I have F.  No, he didn't even phone me, but I'm glad to have him anyway.

  • They had a chocolate fest at work and I didn't eat any.

  • I really got quite a lot done at work today.

  • I found a recipe for healthier crisped rice treats, to use a non-trademarked term.  I plan to try them this weekend.