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Wow, it's been a week!

... but, alas, I have little to report.

I got a fleece hat for Christmas.  It has a somewhat Seussian vibe unless I cram it down on my head.  I think I like it.

I overdid the baking for Christmas and wound up exhausted and late for Christmas Eve dinner.  I will try to do less in future.  I've realized that, with the exception of the bread and the fruitcake, all my efforts were ultimately about my ego.  I wanted to be able to say "I've made three kinds of cookies!" and insist that people try them.  And I wanted to give my neighbors plates of cookies for Christmas, for reasons I haven't examined.

The bread and fruitcake were much appreciated by my family and their guests, the cookies not as much.  The waffles (I made waffles for Christmas morning, ahead of time, because my mother was overwhelmed and there were too many guests) were also well-received.  

My father gave me the complete short stories of Saki.  He thought that this was the way I wanted to write.  He's not entirely wrong.

I think that a pair of earrings I gave my sister may wind up back with me, since, while nobody disputes their beauty, they're not suitable for most of the things she does.  (They're blue enamel on silver crescents with mother-of-pearl inlay of stars and moons.)  Very reminiscent of our 70s college town childhood, and very beautiful, but not subtle and not really corporate-wear.  My Mom has expressed interest but feels they may be too elegant for her everyday life.  

I haven't watched the Doctor Who Christmas Special.  S. and DS and I usually watch it on New Year's Eve.