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Cat update, and thanks

First, I want to say thank you to everybody who responded to my previous post. I hesitated before posting, feeling as though grief and stress over a pet might come across as unseemly compared to what people feel when, say, nursing a dying relative (although the people I know who've lost relatives recently have been the kindest to me). Thank you all for responding so wonderfully and saying such kind things.

For the last few days my cat has been on an upswing. He's eating his food, seeking me out for petting, joining me on the bed at night, and purring up a storm. He's like his old self, in other words. (Although he did pee on the floor. He's never done that before.) We went to the vet today and had blood drawn for follow-up tests, so on Tuesday I should find out how improved he really is.

A website I found for feline chronic renal failure (www.felinecrf.com) talked about the emotional rollercoaster that is living with a CRF cat. I can confirm it. On Sunday and Monday he was weak and crying; on Tuesday he was affectionate and purring. Part of me is thinking, "Oh, then we can just go back to normal, but with pills and fluids. He's not going to die." That's the part that's in denial, basically. Another part is thinking, "But how long will this last? It's a progressive, terminal condition. He will get weak again. He will eventually die."

I'm sure the wise and prudent advice for this situation is just to take every day as it comes. I'll try to do that.



Sep. 26th, 2008 02:38 am (UTC)
Much easier said than done. Good luck!