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Finishing Day 5 of diet

So far I have not killed anybody.

Actually, I think it's going rather well. There's something to be said for planning ahead before starting a diet. I had time to decide what I was going to eat and make plans for the difficult bits, like breakfast. (Breakfast is difficult because if I don't stay on the go from the moment I get up, I will end up flopping on something and going back to sleep and being late. So no leisurely breakfasts at home except on weekends.)

So I'm almost through with the first week of Phase I. Good for me!

In other news, I went to the doctor about the numbness in one half of my left ring finger's tip. My doctor recommended an Aleve twice a day: he says it's an inflamed nerve and if reducing the inflammation doesn't help, or help enough, we'll bring in the big guns (MRIs, etc.)

I have been taking the Aleve and so far the numb patch has gotten bigger. Oh, dear.

Also need bloodwork done.