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Pretty good week

No crises happened.

I was mostly on time for work, though erring on the less rather than more side of "more or less on time". Work was pretty fun; a few dull meetings, but some interesting coding. I racked up enough points on Stack Overflow to be in the top 4% of point-earners for the week.

I had the carpets cleaned. S. supervised, as I was working. Aside from some confusion over what my order number was, all that went well.

I reported a phenomenon that I won't tell you about, as it's kind of gross, to the management company that manages our complex, and they determined that there was a crack in the foundation of the building. They had to tear down the drywall in my basement storage room to get to the concrete and do a patch.

My understanding is that they were going to put some more up when they left, though I haven't verified that this happened. But I must say I like this aspect of condo-living. Though I know that ultimately I pay for this service with my condo fee, I like that I can call someone, report a possible foundation crack, and someone else will coordinate with the patching company and get the job done. And I don't have to lay out any cash.

(I spent $4000 I hadn't planned on this summer for various things, so I'd just as soon not lay out more money any time soon.)

I have decided to go on the South Beach Diet for 4 weeks, with option to continue, in the hope of losing the weight I picked up the past year. I put on four pounds in about two weeks recently. I am planning well ahead for grocery shopping and trying to minimize the trouble at the pain points, namely time/energy to prepare things and time to eat in the morning.

I'm planning to eat seasoned black beans and cheese for breakfast, because it's fast and just needs to be microwaved, and make the omelets and such for dinner. It occurred to me that I'd previously made the mistake of thinking I could only eat recipes from the original book, and that I had to follow the meal plan, as opposed to the food plan.

But the book doesn't put restrictions on what times of day you eat certain things: the meal plan is just to give you a recognizably standard menu. The book even says that if you're hungry you're probably not eating big enough portions, and the cookbooks get much more creative with non-traditional breakfast and dinner foods.

So I'm going to eat the foods that it recommends at the times that make sense for me. I'm a big breakfast person, but I don't have time for vegetable omelets and Canadian bacon and tomato juice. Those'll go in my more-leisurely dinner.