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The Eyes to See

Amazing what you can find in the world around you once you have the eyes to see.

For some people, it's secret gardens and hidden church towers; for me it was spotting an eSATA cable in a box full of USB cables and lengths of telephone wire. Just when I needed one!

I have no idea where I originally got that eSATA cable (or the second one I found in a box labeled "misc small gadgets"), but I'm betting that I didn't know what it was when I put it there. Now, though, I've dealt with SATA and eSATA enough to know their cables, and to see the beauty utility in the strange leftover cable from five years ago in its sealed plastic envelope.

(I did once look up from a street in Norwich, England, and see a lost church tower rising up behind a front of modern shops. I found a way back in an alley and gazed at this strange remnant of past days, trapped between backs of two streets of shops. Strange grey beauty where you least expect it.)