NP-Complete (np_complete) wrote,

September 18, 2008

It's been over four days since the windstorm and some places still don't have power.  I've heard rumors that power company employees are having to have police escorts as they do their work, as people have lost all patience. 

My parents and sister got power on Tuesday, so they were only out for forty-eight hours.  Colleagues of mine were still out at the 72 hour mark.  Then, today, there was a big blip at about four o'clock and power went out in our building at work.  It came back on in a few minutes, but it was certainly disruptive.  I came home to find all my appliances blinking at me:  apparently that same blip (or a similar one) hit my apartment complex, 15 miles away. 

My cat has spent most of the week in the hospital.  He is being treated with IV fluids to bring down his creatinine and BUN levels.  This is similar to dialysis.  Supposedly, some cats can go for six months in relatively good shape after this treatment (with supportive fluids).  Some cats begin to fail again as soon as the treatment stops.  There's no way to know which category a cat will fall into, other than to give it a try.  So we're giving it a try. 

His numbers have dropped significantly.  They're still considerably higher than normal, but the veterinary internist found this encouraging and said that another day of treatment might bring them down still more.  So he will be staying until Saturday.

I have some hope for the first time in a week.  The sub-cu fluids weren't doing enough for him:  he was only nibbling at his food, had lost another eight ounces, and was starting to walk unsteadily.  We don't know how long the beneficial effect of the treatment will last, but at least there's the prospect of improvement. 

And if he doesn't improve -- well, I'll know I did the right thing and gave him every chance I could. 
Tags: cat, life
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