NP-Complete (np_complete) wrote,

Ohio Valley update

Well, the power went out for me and (apparently) 1.9 million other people on Sunday afternoon as Ike made its way towards Chicago.  I spent the afternoon reading and then writing on the balcony, while other people on their balconies audibly asked each other what was going on.  (Winds were high, but we live in a sheltered little alcove.  All we could see were trees tossing.)  It was puzzling because it wasn't raining.  Normally when the power goes out, there's rain or ice to go with it. 

I tried to write something constructive, but all I could do was write about the election and about my cat.  Part of me has already retreated and frozen up, preparing for his death.  I know this is wrong and that I should spend extra time with him, committing him to memory, but I've been holding part of myself back.  I've never faced lingering illness in someone or something I loved before, only abrupt, catastrophic death. 

The power came back on at 7:30 in the morning.  I'm in the lucky minority.  My sister has been without power for about 30 hours, and my parents won't get power for another few days. 
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