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For thy sweet sake I shaved my legs

Well, actually, I didn't, but for thy sweet sake, F., I did do the following:

  • Bake a cake;
  • Bake a loaf of that bread you like;
  • Portage I don't even know how much paper from place to place in my house;
  • Clean my desk (and I don't do this for just anybody!)
  • Clean *your* desk, or rather your designated desk, although you'll have to fight Jack for it;
  • Make up three packages that have to go out, thus reducing clutter;
  • Spot-treat the carpet;
  • Tote three file boxes and a card table down to the basement;
  • Scrub the kitchen, INCLUDING THE FLOOR;
  • Refrain from napping;
  • Put on eyeliner.

When you arrive, I will be preening.  Or possibly asleep.