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Running amok on eBay

I went a little crazy in there, as one of my dentists once (alarmingly) said to me after a very long period of drilling.

I have purchased two used Coach handbags and placed bids on what appears to be a set of four place settings in my stoneware pattern, split up by dish type into four listings. (I bought my china on a whim in my early twenties and didn't buy enough of it. If I invite four people over, one person has to eat on the remnants of my Mom's first china set.)

The bags are one that I always liked the look of (but would never have bought new) and a large leather laptop bag. I need a carryall-type bag that looks professional and disguises the fact that all I'm carrying are my walking shoes, my Morning Pages notebook, and my lunch.

I actually have another bag that I bought from handbags.com that's going back this week for a refund: I bought it, got it, decided it wasn't big enough, and repackaged it for return. So, in my somewhat loopy logic, the money that will be refunded on the purse I didn't like will cover the cost of the used bags I just ordered, which ignores that the purse I'm sending back was also an impulse purchase. An impulse purchase that you've adjusted to the consequences of is almost a planned purchase in retrospect, you know?

Also bought some salt-and-pepper shakers shaped like fish. Because they were adorable.


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Apr. 2nd, 2012 12:44 pm (UTC)
Just how much laughing gas did he give you, lol???

Congrats on your winning bids :-)

Apr. 3rd, 2012 12:42 am (UTC)
He didn't say that OF me, he said that TO me! He'd drilled out some teeth that were decalcified but not actually decayed yet, because he felt that they were going to decay soon anyway and he might as well fill them now while he had me. I WISH HE HAD ASKED ME FIRST.

I am going to stop visiting eBay when I'm procrastinating. It leads to creative spending.

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