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Kinda sick this weekend

If you follow me on Twitter, you would have read that I started off perky, started complaining of needing a nap, started complaining of feeling sick, and then discovered I had a temperature of 1.2 degrees above my normal. And then couldn't sleep, because of all the tea I'd drunk while trying to stay awake.

That was all yesterday. Today I begged off going to visit my parents (which I'd actually wanted to do), slept deeply, and am now trying to get some things done. I still have a slight fever, but some things (like getting ready for the meeting I have tomorrow) I really do need to do.

I wish I knew why I get these little illnesses that seem to come and go like cloudy days (although not synchronized with cloudy days; that would be interesting, if it were true.) I feel like I'm always complaining of not feeling well, and the thermometer backs it up, but it rarely turns into anything big that can happen once and then *go away*.

ETA: basically I slept all day and did nothing more complicated than put away a couple of things. It's 8:46 and I have NO IDEA how the rest of the night is going to go.