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Five questions from wildwinterwitch

To quote: "Comment to this post, and I will list five things I want you to talk about. They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal."

wildwinterwitch was kind enough to give me five questions, and here they are, with answers:

1. Your favourite recipe
Goodness. This changes all the time, as I try new things and then return to old favorites. I think right now it's this recipe for tofu-lime sherbet. Very tasty and very simple. I haven't tried, but I suspect that with a little rum and some fresh mint it'd taste like a frozen mojito.

2. David Tennant's worst role
I've never seen it, but from everything I hear, his performance in the pilot for "Rex Is Not Your Lawyer" was terrible. I can't think of another bad performance I've seen, unless you go back to that PSA he did as a teenager about how to resist peer pressure to smoke. That's kind of bad.

3. How did you get into DW?
Well, I watched the old series occasionally, on PBS and the BBC. When the revival happened, my old friend M, a hard-core fan, started writing me about how great it was. But the tipping point was I stumbled onto some hearty fangirl appreciation of David Tennant on the journal of someone I knew from X-Files fandom. It sounded just my cup of tea. So I obtained copies of the series, watched, started reading fanfiction, started commenting on fanfiction, and eventually started writing fanfiction.

It's funny because I was in X-Files fandom for years and years and wrote only two stories, neither of which I ever dared post. But I hadn't been on Livejournal in those days, and people made me so comfortable here that I got up the nerve.

4. A book you'd recommend
I always recommend Brother of the More Famous Jack, by Barbara Trapido. It's possible that it's not quite as good as I think it is, that it's my memory of my own youthful love and broken heart that makes me think so. But I've loved it since I was 20.

5. Your dream holiday trip.
One of these days, perhaps in 2013 or 2014, I'm going to go to New Zealand for a week or two. I'd also quite like to go to Paris; I've never been. I'd like to go back to England and Scotland, too. You folks out there who take frequent trips: let me know next time you need a companion.