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Home Decor question

I have a room in my new home that's going to be a hobby room. My knitting machine (currently in boxes), my treadmill, my sewing machine, and some of my books will go there. If there's enough room, I may move my programming computer in there.

Right now, it contains moving boxes, the treadmill, and some shelving. It doesn't have an overhead light or any built-in light source. I want to give it a light source, so I can read when I walk on the treadmill and potentially use the room in the evening.

What would make a good choice as far as a light source?

I was thinking of starting with just a floor lamp, maybe with a telescoping body (like a music stand), a positionable head, and a long cord. I haven't seen one lately, but I'm sure someone stocks them somewhere.

The light source doesn't need to be that pretty, and since it doesn't need to be a permanent feature of the room it doesn't have have to be an Ott-Light or one of those special crafter's lights. It just has to illuminate enough of the room that I can use it.

Any thoughts?