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Having the First World Blues right now because my sense of self-preservation won't let me buy any new clothes until my credit card statements return to pre-move levels. And yet, I am reading these fun books about Refining Your Personal Style right now. (They're library books.)

I really love clothes, really love some aspects of fashion. I own too many clothes, almost all of which look the same. I need to do a purge just for realism's sake. I do not need all those clothes.

And I could stand to Refine My Style, which was formed by Mademoiselle magazine fashion layouts in the 80s and never modified all that much. A blazer, a black tee shirt, dark-wash jeans, boots. That's my uniform, or would be if my job allowed it.

(I miss Mademoiselle. They had a monthly short story *and* an annual story contest. Imagine that, in a world where everything short of Good Housekeeping talks about The Five Secret Spots He Wishes You Knew About.)

So I will ignore all the emails I get from department stores and catalog companies about End of Summer Sales and 30% Off All Matte Silk Jersey and Your Favorite Shoes $15.

But I'll think about it.